The Changing Phase of Obesity Treatment in India

The concept of Obesity Treatment in India has been a misnomer for many. Over the years, people have been informed that Obesity treatment is just about a medical procedure where surgeons operate on patients and then the patients enjoy a normal life. However, when one gives this concept a precise thought, the whole explanation looks more like a fairy tale.

Obesity Treatment in India

In reality, the concept of Obesity Treatment in India is much different. It is not only about undergoing a surgery, but is also about commitment and achieving time-specific goals. The process of weight Loss program begins when a patient agrees to undergo a surgery and starts to work on attaining the required fitness for the surgery. This includes making a shift in the diet, losing weight naturally and remaining dedicated towards the plan of action as prescribed by the surgeon. Once the desired level is achieved by the patient, the surgeon requests the patient to get ready for the surgery. During this process, small incisions are made in the patient’s body through which surgical instruments and a camera is inserted into the body. Then the surgical process takes place whereby the required adjustment is made. It usually takes about an hour or two for the surgery to be complete.

After the surgery, a patient can be discharged from the hospital as early as 48 to 72 hours after the operation, if found fit. Within the next few days, a healthy patient will be able to make remarkable progress in recovery and can resume to his routine lifestyle within a matter of 7 to 10 days. However, the actual challenge of Obesity Treatment starts here! Now the challenge for the patients is to ensure that they are taking their new life seriously. It is not that they are free to consume all types of food which they were prohibited to consume previously, rather their challenge is to maintain a healthy diet and remain distant from the food which contributes to obesity. The true test of Obesity Treatment in India is maintaining a healthy body after the surgery. Most of the people do consider it as a process which ends after a certain action. But in reality, weight loss program is a continuous process where a body is constantly guided to follow a healthy diet and remain aloof from the clutches of burgers, pizzas and soda drinks.