Why Obesity Surgery Is Considered As A Taboo Even After Being Effective?

People are suffering from obesity throughout the globe. As per survey, the number of people suffering from obesity and overweight has increased from 857 million to 2.1 billion from the year 1980 to 2013. This number of people add up to one third of the world’s population. Approximately 30 million people are affected with obesity in India. Our country ranks third in obesity index; only after China and US. In the next five years, the count is predicted to get doubled.

Thankfully, the emergence of bariatric surgery in Kolkata came as a wonder solution to uproot obesity. More commonly known as weight reduction surgery, it is a group of surgical procedures that are done to reduce the overall weight from the body. It is the most effectual remedy to get rid of obesity.

In the past few decades, laparoscopic obesity surgery in Kolkata has cured many patients all around the year. But unfortunately, the awareness regarding this wonderful procedure is limited among the people. Lots of people consider bariatric surgery as a myth and believe no such procedure can actually be feasible to perform on human body. The advancement of medical science is still unheard for so many people all across the globe especially in developing countries like India.

Obesity Surgery India

Some people are aware of these surgical approaches, but lots of misconception are gathered around these procedure. Several wrong notions such as unrealistic risks, post surgery trauma and social stigma are few of them to be named.

Several people undergo bariatric surgery in Kolkata and gets back to a healthier life, but they remain unresponsive regarding the same. Most of them hesitate to disclose their bariatric surgery status to the society. The main reason for the same is the fear of being judged and social discrimination. Such negative conception should be discouraged at all cost.

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