Fighting Depression? An Obesity Surgery Doctor Can Help!

Depression is a serious psychological problem in our present world. Many people suffer due to depression and ruin their lifestyle. The mental disorder happens due to various reasons, out of which a leading cause is obesity.

Obesity has been found to be the root cause of various problems. It is commonly said to be a multifactorial lifestyle disorder that leads to conditions like seclusion, diabetes and many more. Obesity surgery doctors state that having excess weight can lead to depression. With several life-threatening problems occurring due to obesity, it has become world’s fifth largest cause of mortality.

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With that said, how is obesity related to depression? According to the leading doctors, obesity-depression-obesity is a vicious cycle. People who suffer from depression are likely to adapt sedentary lifestyle habits and unhealthy food consumption habits; which leads to obesity. On the other hand, obese people often feel secluded and detached from the society, which gradually causes depression. In addition to this, they experience several problems like high blood problems, skin diseases and sexual dysfunction that lead to depression.

Now as we know that obesity can cause depression and that the two are closely related, it is imperative to know what can make you obese. While some obesity surgery doctors will give you technical answers, the simplest answer is – excess of calorie consumption over calorie use or burnt causes obesity. For instance, if you consume foods that brings 2000 calories to your body per day and spend 1200 calories, the 800 calories (which is excess) adds to obesity. Therefore, it is essential to lose more calories than consumed in order to stay healthy.

But how can you get rid of depression by losing weight? People, who start losing weight, apparently start feeling good about themselves. It develops motivation in their mind and improves their physical health. As the result, they start fight depression by losing weight through different procedures – such as dieting, exercising and bariatric surgery.

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