Duodenal Switch: What, Who, How, When And Where?

Obesity is a problem faced by several individuals around the globe. Weight loss surgery, medically known as bariatric surgery in Kolkata, has proved as an helpful tool to overcome obesity. Bariatric surgery is a group of surgical approaches which involve reducing and resizing the digestive system of the individual. One of the most executed bariatric surgery approach is the Duodenal switch. Lets understand in brief how this works.

What is Duodenal Switch?

Duodenal switch is one of the weight-loss surgery approaches that is gaining popularity among patients and doctors because of the extensive benefits it provides. It is opted by the patients suffering from obesity, who are unable to lose weight by mere exercise and diet control. Obesity is a condition in which an individual accumulates excessive weight, which results in adverse effect on the body.

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Who are qualified for undergoing it?

The patients who are obese can be considered for this surgery. The parameter of obesity can be determined by BMI (Body Mass Index). The BMI of an individual can be calculated by dividing their weight by square of their height. This result yields in form of a numerical value. If an individual’s BMI is more than 30, he is considered as obese.

In order to qualify for Duodenal switch, the patient must satisfy either of the following criteria:

  1. BMI over 40
  2. BMI over 35 with at at least one of the morbid condition
  3. BMI over 30 with at least two of the morbid illness

The morbid conditions are such as:

  • Diabetes mellitus type 2
  • Sleep apnea
  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Osteoarthritis
  • High blood pressure and cholesterol

How this procedure is carried out?

Duodenal switch is performed by achieving both restriction and mal-absorption. Approximately 70% of the entire stomach is reduced along the greater curvature. Along with it, a major portion of small intestine, called duodenum, is eliminated, hence deriving the name ‘duodenal switch’.

The reduced size of the stomach ensures lesser intake of food in the stomach. It also leads to lesser secretion of ‘hunger causing’ hormone. The individual feels full sooner than usual after the surgery. Moreover, the re-routed intestine ensures lesser amount of absorption of nutrients back in the body.

When can one go for Duodenal switch?

Bariatric surgery cannot be performed solely based on the will of the patients. A diet and exercise regime has to be followed before undergoing it. This is to be followed even after the surgery to ensure the effectiveness of the surgery. Proper diagnosis and screening is vital in order to decide when to go for it.

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Where to go for this surgical approach?

There are several hospitals where you can opt for duodenal switch. ILS Bariatric Care is one of the finest hospitals that offers bariatric surgery to people from all over India and abroad. The surgery is led by Dr. Om Tantia, who is one of the pioneer obesity surgery doctors in India.