Gaining control over obesity through Bariatric surgery India

Why obesity is such as mess?

Obesity is a condition wherein excessive fat gets deposited in the body. When the Body Mass Index (BMI) of a person is 35 and above, they are categorized as morbid or severely obese. Obesity is a serious health problem as it not only affects the human body but also affects our behavior, psychology and overall living conditions.

The major reason of rapid growth of obesity in India is the increasing inclination towards sedentary lifestyle, lack of physical activity, lack of proper nutrition, affinity towards fast foods and food stuffed with unsaturated fat, ever-increasing tension and pressure, unbalanced life. While in some of the cases, obesity occurs due to genetic factors that cannot be blamed, most of the patients become diabetic due to their unhealthy life choices. Obesity surgery in India is one of the answers to naturally untreatable obesity diseases.

What are the options of reducing obesity?

The objective behind obesity treatment is reaching as well as maintaining a suitable and healthy weight for the patient. The patient will need a good team of experts including dietitian, physician, obesity specialist and behavioral counselor. They will be helping in determining the right methods and practices for reducing obesity and maintaining a healthy life afterwards. Some of the most common methods recommended by obesity experts for obesity reduction include exercises and physical activities, dietary changes, behavioral changes, specific weight-loss mediations and lifestyle changes.

Bariatric Surgery India

Types of obesity surgery

While most of these weight-loss programs need changes in the eating habits as well as enhanced physical activity, patients also suffering with obesity related complications such as heart-ailments, hypertension, high blood pressure, arthritis etc, cannot go for strenuous exercise programs or strong medications. For them, obesity surgery is the best recommended option for weight-loss. Obesity surgery in India has become very popular over the past decade owing to high rate of successful surgeries, happy patients, and excellent aftercare services. Obesity surgery is categorized into various types depending on the requirement of the patient, level of obesity and overall health of the patient.

How bariatric surgery is done

Bariatric surgery involves sealing-off majority of the stomach-parts for reducing the quantity of food that enters the stomach. This ensures quicker satiety with lesser consumption, thus helping in the weight-loss process. It is a minimally-invasive procedure, and is extremely safe with highest success rate. As a result, Bariatric surgery in India has become extremely popular and accepted over the years. However, it is important to complete the various psychological and medical pre-evaluation processes to be able to qualify for the surgery. Therefore carefully weighing all the pros and cons of the hospital, understand the reputation and take feedback from previous patients to make the best informed decision. It is also essential for the patient to show commitment and motivation for long term so that after the surgery, they are able to follow the strict producers and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Bariatric Surgery India

Keeping your diabetes in check with Diabetes surgery in India

Diabetes can be termed as a complicated disease group with various causes. People suffering from diabetes have a high level of blood glucose level, also known as hyperglycemia. Diabetes is broadly categorized as type-1 and type-2 diabetes. Type-1 diabetes is mostly genetic. Other causes of type-1 diabetes include accelerated hypothesis or growth among teenagers, little exposure to sun, lack of certain parasites and germs essential for curbing diabetes, heavy pollution and excessive cow milk. On the other hand Type-2 diabetes is mostly lifestyle based. Lack of physical activity, sedentary lifestyle, lack of proper sleep, stress, obesity and excessive fast food consumption gives you type-2 diabetes. Studies have shown that almost every 10th individual on this planet is diabetic. It is extremely important to keep a track of our blood glucose level and curb diabetes whichever way possible, if not completely eliminate. Diabetes treatments in Kolkata cater to the specific needs of each patient providing them with all services such as diet charts, medications and other requirements with utmost care.

Diabetes surgery in India

Treatments available for diabetes

Being a lifestyle disease, there are various treatments available for diabetes. These include diet therapy, medicines, lifestyle changes, exercises and administration of specific drugs. Having a proper and monitored nutrition is primary goal in diabetes reduction. It is best to take nutritional advice from a certified diabetes specialist for best results who will be helping you in developing a meal plan specific for your body and suiting your lifestyle. Physical activity is essential for controlling diabetes as well as for prevention of complications like high BP and heart diseases. Every diabetes specialist recommends exercises in the patient’s daily regime for early and healthy recovery. Medications is specially administered is case of type-2 diabetes for controlling the level of blood glucose while the above natural therapies work their way in. Insulin injective is one of the most common medications taken during diabetes. However, they should always be taken under doctor’s presence.

Diabetes surgery in India

Why diabetes surgery is needed?

In some acute cases where normal medications and exercise are not enough, diabetes surgery is recommended by doctors. Diabetes surgeries are recommended to patients who are obese and cannot be treated through medication or exercises due to complications of heart, liver, bones or nerves. Depending on the stage of diabetes and level of obesity, diabetes surgery is done. As a result of the increased cases of diabetes, Diabetes surgery in India has grown to enormous numbers. Almost all top medical hospitals have their own diabetic departments with state-of-the-art infrastructure and top-notch service facilities catering to the specific requirement of each patient.

Diabetes surgery in India

There are many good hospitals with diabetes treatment in Kolkata. Finding a good doctor is important as they will help in setting specific goals suiting your health and diabetes stage.

Find a better life with Weight Loss Clinic in Kolkata

Over the years, the industry of medical weight loss has become popular. People are looking for reliable and safe options for shedding pounds that are safe as well as affordable. Choosing the most effective weight loss clinic is important for a successful weight loss process. Weight Loss Clinics in Kolkata offer treatment plans that are evidence based, meaning their methods are always backed with solid research. They also have weight loss programs that are different in intensity, structure and length, specifically constructed for each patient. Also, these clinics are well supervised by medical doctors and associated staffs that provide the best services in their field.

Eligibility and Management of fat loss

An individual is considered as obese if his/her BMI (Basal Metabolic Rate) is over 40. Once the level of obesity is detected, the next step is detecting the complications that are obesity related such as hypertension, diabetes, heart ailments, arthritis etc. In cases when a patient is obese and also suffering from obesity related conditions like above, normal weight loss methods such as dieting, pills or heavy exercise are not advisable. In such cases fat loss surgery is the best option. The most common fat loss surgeries in India are Gastric Bypass, Gastric Banding and Gastric Sleeve surgery. In all of the above surgery procedures either the size of the stomach is reduced leading to quicker satiety with small portions or more absorption of the nutrients is ensured so that the fat does not get stored in the stomach. While most of these surgeries are potentially safe with minimal side effects, it is best to get correct advice for medical professionals for understanding the best treatment procedures.

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Post-Surgery Care

After a fat loss surgery, the health care team will provide specific instructions regarding food, diet and necessary lifestyle change. For maximum results and minimum complications, it is essential to follow their recommendations. However, it is your self-motivation that will ensure a successful future after a fat-loss surgery. This will require physical, psychological and behavioral changes in life. Also, there are many proactive approaches if followed religiously will definitely speed up the recovery process. First, smokers will have to quick smoking even prior to the surgery and will have to continue doing so. Regular clinic visits and evaluating the body vitals is important to detect anomalies and treat them in time. It is also necessary to learn more about the healthy food options through peers, friends and experts that will help in expanding the eating options without compromising on quality. You can also join support groups and seminars that will educate you about many post-surgery positive habits that can be applied in daily life.

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The growth of fat loss surgery in India has ensured that the problem of obesity is not kept hidden and looked down anymore. Whatever the reasons of obesity may be, there is always a solution.

Bariatric Surgery in India- A Road to Healthy Life

Over the past one decade, there has been a significant change in the pattern of disease and health issues. Among one of them is obesity, which is gripping the entire globe quickly. However, thanks to modern science and technology a quick yet safe and permanent solution has been brought up for patients suffering from obesity which is LaparoscopicObesity Surgery.

Growth of Bariatric Surgery in India

While the onset of obesity related surgeries in India is comparatively new, it’s popularly has increased significantly, majorly due to ease of the process and increasingly reduced overall cost. Over the past 10 years, the volume of bariatric surgery in India has increased ten folds. Earlier patients used to fly to other countries for bariatric surgeries but with the economic boom and development of healthcare sector in our own nation, the tables have turned. Apart from the top metros with hospitals that are infrastructurally sound and equipped with all latest medical gadgets, smaller cities and towns are also coming up with hospitals and clinics specialized in bariatric surgeries.


The goodness of Laparoscopic Obesity Surgery

These weight-loss surgeries are gaining enormous popularity, majorly because of the goodness they bring with them. First they help in fighting diabetes, one of the major diseases associated with extreme obesity. They have also proved to be successful in reducing various other obesity-linked health issues such as cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, erratic blood pressure, arthritis and many more. Just the way obesity snatches away the mental, physical and psychological health of a patient, bariatric surgery brings back normalcy in life by removing the unhealthy fat from the body. These obesity related surgeries are themselves of various types and categories wherein a bariatric expert matches the needs of the patient with the perfect surgical fit that results in minimum side-effect and maximum results. Among these, Laparoscopic Obesity Surgery is among the most popular bariatric surgeries conducted as it is least invasive, painless, and quick and gives best results.

Pre and post factors to consider

When considering for Bariatric Surgery in India, few things should be kept in mind. Eligibility factor is an important criterion, and it is best to consult with a good obesity surgeon to understand the specifics. While for some people non-surgical procedures are best recommended, patients who suffer from conditions such as cardiac ailments do not allow them to opt for natural obesity remedies such as diet therapy or fat-reduction exercises. Preparation before the surgery is another significant element to ensure the body accepts the process without complications and adapts to the post-surgery changes.

Laparoscopic Obesity Surgery for Teens – Attaining Improved Lifestyle

In a country like India where every parent believes that their child will become healthier by eating more, obesity has become a common problem among teens. There are tons of teens who have turned out to be obese with age. While some of them simply ignore the circumstance, many opt for laparoscopic obesity surgery to get rid of the problem.

Although health experts didn’t recommend the surgical procedure to teenagers few years ago, the effectual results have influenced them to reconsider their choice. In a recent study, several obese teenagers were monitored. They underwent a weight loss surgery successfully and their medical stability was checked after one year. The results were impressive; the teenagers lost an average of 111 pounds in the year following the surgery. More importantly, their BMI reduced by 32% after the surgery when compared to their earlier state.


As it is prominent that obesity surgery improves cholesterol and weight, teenagers feel more physically active after the surgery than before. A laparoscopic obesity surgery reduces the stomach capacity by making it a tube-like structure – that makes a patient feel fuller by eating less. This allows a teen to lose weight by consuming balanced diet and exercise regularly.

There are several weight loss clinics in Kolkatathat offer complete guidance to obese teenagers who opt for a surgery. Their weight loss program begins with several procedures to burn calories from the body. The procedure is followed by the patients for some weeks or months and the changes are monitored. If effectual weight loss is attained through these measures then the surgical procedure is avoided.

However, when the pharmalogical procedures are not quite effective then health experts opt for the surgical solution. This involves a surgery in a leading weight loss clinic in Kolkata, followed by a support program by experienced nutritionists and support groups. As the result, the teenager can attain improved lifestyle habits by losing weight efficiently.

Sleeve Gastrectomy or Gastric Bypass – Which Bariatric Surgery Should You Choose?

When it comes to weight loss procedures, modern health experts state that bariatric surgery in Kolkata is a recommendable option. The gastric bypass or traditional surgery has helped thousands of people across the globe to get rid of obesity. But in modern day, an advanced approach – Sleeve Gastrectomy,is given more priority over its traditional counterpart.


The surgical approach to weight loss is generally considered as the last resource for obese patients. Doctors recommend an obesity surgery only when other procedures, such as dieting, exercising, active lifestyle habits fail to burn enough calories. Hence, when a patient opts for bariatric surgery in Kolkata, doctors recommend them the most effective operation.

Now with new procedures developed in recent years, the traditional methods are being slowly replaced by modern approaches. As the advanced methods are more patient-friendly, it is chosen ahead of the traditional gastric bypass surgery by a lot of people. A revolutionary change that has occurred over the years is the process of operation – instead of a bypass, doctors recommend incisions.


The modern approach or the laparoscopic obesity surgery is a procedure where doctors use an equipment (known as laparoscope) to perform the operation. When it comes to sleeve Gastrectomy, it is a laparoscopic procedure in which doctors reduce the stomach of an obese patient by 80%. As the stomach capacity is reduced drastically, the patient feels full by consuming lesser food. This triggers weight loss because the consumption of calories is reduced; as the procedure is paired up with proper diet plan.

In recent years, sleeve Gastrectomy has received huge acceptance from obese patients residing in India and beyond the boundaries. As a matter of fact, people opting for this laparoscopic obesity operation increased from a mere 9% in 2010 to as many as 49% in 2013. On the other hand, the percentage of gastric bypass reduced from 58% in 2010 to 44% in 2013.Hence, it can be concluded that obese patients are opting for sleeve Gastrectomy ahead of the tradition gastric bypass to get rid of obesity in modern day.

Fighting Depression? An Obesity Surgery Doctor Can Help!

Depression is a serious psychological problem in our present world. Many people suffer due to depression and ruin their lifestyle. The mental disorder happens due to various reasons, out of which a leading cause is obesity.

Obesity has been found to be the root cause of various problems. It is commonly said to be a multifactorial lifestyle disorder that leads to conditions like seclusion, diabetes and many more. Obesity surgery doctors state that having excess weight can lead to depression. With several life-threatening problems occurring due to obesity, it has become world’s fifth largest cause of mortality.

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With that said, how is obesity related to depression? According to the leading doctors, obesity-depression-obesity is a vicious cycle. People who suffer from depression are likely to adapt sedentary lifestyle habits and unhealthy food consumption habits; which leads to obesity. On the other hand, obese people often feel secluded and detached from the society, which gradually causes depression. In addition to this, they experience several problems like high blood problems, skin diseases and sexual dysfunction that lead to depression.

Now as we know that obesity can cause depression and that the two are closely related, it is imperative to know what can make you obese. While some obesity surgery doctors will give you technical answers, the simplest answer is – excess of calorie consumption over calorie use or burnt causes obesity. For instance, if you consume foods that brings 2000 calories to your body per day and spend 1200 calories, the 800 calories (which is excess) adds to obesity. Therefore, it is essential to lose more calories than consumed in order to stay healthy.

But how can you get rid of depression by losing weight? People, who start losing weight, apparently start feeling good about themselves. It develops motivation in their mind and improves their physical health. As the result, they start fight depression by losing weight through different procedures – such as dieting, exercising and bariatric surgery.

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Things to Integrate into Lifestyle after Laparoscopic Obesity Surgery

If you have been staying connected to a laparoscopic obesity surgery support group for a while, you probably have come across the fact that it is a life-changing operation. Every certified bariatric surgeon will tell you that surgery is not the solution but a major part of treatment in weight loss journey – the rest being lifestyle and habits.

With such importance on lifestyle, there are several things following which can increase your fitness level and fetch improved appearance after a bariatric surgery in India. On that note, here are some fitness-boosting tips that you should integrate into your lifestyle following a laparoscopic obesity surgery.

Make Consuming Breakfast a Priority

A common mistake that tons of obese people make is – they underestimate the importance of breakfast. Some people believe that skipping breakfast and staying hungry for long can trigger weight loss. On the other hand, many workaholics skip breakfast to save some minutes and reach office on time.

But as a matter of fact, breakfast should never be skipped. It is the first meal of the day and consuming a nutrition-packed breakfast can keep you energized for day. Alternatively, skipping a breakfast is bad for your health, as it disturbs the performance of your digestive system. Hence, you should develop the habit of consuming breakfast regularly after a bariatric surgery in India.

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Set Realistic Goals

Remember how you set milestones and make plans to achieve something in your professional career? Similarly, you should make realistic goals to get rid of obesity. For instance, you can set biweekly goals and plan your regular schedule accordingly.

But the work doesn’t end here! Once you have set the goal and made a plan, start working according to the plan. More importantly, monitor the results to analyze your improvement at regular intervals.

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Sweat Regularly

No matter how much you rely on diet plans, it is very important to exercise every day. Although your body may not allow you to lift weights or run like a Pro, you need to push yourself and make the best efforts. Remember, every drop of sweat is the result of hard work and progress. Staying motivated and performing exercises regularly is the first step to success in your weight loss journey.

laparoscopic obesity surgery

Integrating the above-mentioned steps in your lifestyle will not only trigger weight loss upon a laparoscopic obesity surgery, but it will also improve your quality of life. You may get in touch with nutritionists, health experts and support groups to stay focused in your weight loss journey.

Obesity Surgery – Is It the Perfect Solution for Your Weight Woes?

Losing weight, for some people, is not an easy ordeal. That is why there are some who resort to obesity surgery in the hopes of getting the perfect body they are dreaming of. Yet, it is also not a big surprise that there are people who frown on this procedure.

Based on recent studies, Americans spend over $60 billion every year in order to win the battle with unwanted bulges. Weight loss industry is an enormous one that encompasses everything from exercise equipment, to gym memberships and diet programs. However, lost among all these is the downright depressing and underwhelming statistics that people who want to lose weight need to face.

Threatening Numbers

Even in a time when people diet and work out more than ever, their waistlines still end up expanding. About 1/3 of population in the US is now officially obese and 2/3 is said to be overweight. For the past 30 years, obesity among adults has double, with childhood rotundity tripling in number. Indeed, it is shocking to learn all the negative effects that people’s growing sizes have on their collective health.

Hard and Cold Facts

Obesity is said to be the primary cause of preventable death in the US that it put it right ahead of drunk driving and smoking. This is also mainly responsible for rapid increase of some chronic diseases such as stroke, type 2 diabetes and heart disease. It takes toll on your body that can shorten life expectancy for as much as 8 years, based on the latest study.

Obesity Surgery

What’s the Solution?

Many dieters ended up regaining their lost weight. Most obese and overweight people try dozens of diets way before they throw in the proverbial towel. They spend money and time in the hopes that things are going to change but this rarely happens. That is because diets will work only if you are on them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. Once you go off them, chances are your waistline will return to its former straight. Obesity surgery is proven to be a great way to win your fight against bulge once and for all.

How Obesity Surgery Works

Among the reasons why obese people eat more than an average person is because their stomachs are more capacious. Bariatric or obesity surgery can address this problem through decreasing the organ’s size that makes it hard for patients to comfortably eat large amounts of food. Whether a piece is surgically removed or a gastric band restricts the stomach, patient is going to be physically incapable to overeat.

Is It Effective?

Almost all who went through obesity surgery lose some weight during the initial 18 to 24 months. After this time frame, most patients regain a few pounds they lost yet there are some who regained it all. Also, the surgery is proven to be extremely effective when it comes to the treatment of weight related and chronic conditions like type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure.

Considered as more effective compared to non-surgical options, obesity surgery offers permanent solution to your weight problems.

The Benefits of Getting Quality Weight Loss Surgery in India

Obesity is one of the leading causes of various medical conditions. As a solution, many people seek for professional assistance from an obesity surgery doctor to shed extra pounds through a procedure popularly known as weight loss surgery. Today, there are numerous types of weight loss surgery and have been a famous option for those who want to get fast results when losing weight.

There are numerous options available for treating obesity. Medical treatment options can include exercise and diet programs, behavioural therapy or medications. Unluckily, in a severely obese patient, such methods frequently don’t provide lasting or significant weight loss. A lot of studies have demonstrated that surgery offers the most effective and best treatment for severe obesity. Once you have undergone a weight loss surgery in India successfully, you will enjoy the following:

  • Resolve or Improve Most Weight-Related Medical Issues

Weight loss surgery in India can resolve or improve tons of weight related medical problems including high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, reflux, sleep apnea, arthritis, heart disease, and some types of cancers.

  • Provide Both Sustained and Significant Weight Loss

Majority of patients lose over fifty percent of their excess weight within the first or two years after surgery. In fact, some of them can maintain the results for long term.

  • Increase One’s Life Expectancy

Obesity increases the risks of premature death as well as health complexities, which significantly reduce that risk and add years to the lives of the patients.

Weight Loss Surgery in India

  • Enhance One’s Quality of Life

Weight loss through a surgery can reduce joint pain and boost mobility and help the patients be more productive and active. Successful weight loss surgery can also help boost confidence and self-image.

  • Decrease the Costs of Health Care

Weight loss surgery India can help you enjoy savings through enhancing weight-related medical issues and reducing the costs that are associated with treating such issues including hospitalization or medication costs. As a matter of fact, weight loss surgery has proven to decrease the costs of health after years and many people are enjoying such perks.

How to Find an Obesity Surgery Doctor?

Once you have decided to undergo weight loss surgery, the next most important factor to consider is finding an obesity surgery doctor who will perform the procedure. You have to bear in mind that not all surgeons that do this kind of surgery are trustworthy and some might be concentrating on a particular type of weight loss surgery that you’re not suitable with. Therefore, it is always best to do your own research and find the best one who is known for performing quality weight loss surgery.

Obesity Surgery Doctor

After choosing an obesity surgery doctor, look for a hospital or a clinic that offers the procedure. If you don’t want to waste time finding a hospital for your surgery, it would be best to pick a surgeon who has his or her own clinic or facility where he or she usually perform the process of surgery.