Things to Integrate into Lifestyle after Laparoscopic Obesity Surgery

If you have been staying connected to a laparoscopic obesity surgery support group for a while, you probably have come across the fact that it is a life-changing operation. Every certified bariatric surgeon will tell you that surgery is not the solution but a major part of treatment in weight loss journey – the rest being lifestyle and habits.

With such importance on lifestyle, there are several things following which can increase your fitness level and fetch improved appearance after a bariatric surgery in India. On that note, here are some fitness-boosting tips that you should integrate into your lifestyle following a laparoscopic obesity surgery.

Make Consuming Breakfast a Priority

A common mistake that tons of obese people make is – they underestimate the importance of breakfast. Some people believe that skipping breakfast and staying hungry for long can trigger weight loss. On the other hand, many workaholics skip breakfast to save some minutes and reach office on time.

But as a matter of fact, breakfast should never be skipped. It is the first meal of the day and consuming a nutrition-packed breakfast can keep you energized for day. Alternatively, skipping a breakfast is bad for your health, as it disturbs the performance of your digestive system. Hence, you should develop the habit of consuming breakfast regularly after a bariatric surgery in India.

laparoscopic obesity surgery

Set Realistic Goals

Remember how you set milestones and make plans to achieve something in your professional career? Similarly, you should make realistic goals to get rid of obesity. For instance, you can set biweekly goals and plan your regular schedule accordingly.

But the work doesn’t end here! Once you have set the goal and made a plan, start working according to the plan. More importantly, monitor the results to analyze your improvement at regular intervals.

laparoscopic obesity surgery

Sweat Regularly

No matter how much you rely on diet plans, it is very important to exercise every day. Although your body may not allow you to lift weights or run like a Pro, you need to push yourself and make the best efforts. Remember, every drop of sweat is the result of hard work and progress. Staying motivated and performing exercises regularly is the first step to success in your weight loss journey.

laparoscopic obesity surgery

Integrating the above-mentioned steps in your lifestyle will not only trigger weight loss upon a laparoscopic obesity surgery, but it will also improve your quality of life. You may get in touch with nutritionists, health experts and support groups to stay focused in your weight loss journey.

Obesity Surgery – Is It the Perfect Solution for Your Weight Woes?

Losing weight, for some people, is not an easy ordeal. That is why there are some who resort to obesity surgery in the hopes of getting the perfect body they are dreaming of. Yet, it is also not a big surprise that there are people who frown on this procedure.

Based on recent studies, Americans spend over $60 billion every year in order to win the battle with unwanted bulges. Weight loss industry is an enormous one that encompasses everything from exercise equipment, to gym memberships and diet programs. However, lost among all these is the downright depressing and underwhelming statistics that people who want to lose weight need to face.

Threatening Numbers

Even in a time when people diet and work out more than ever, their waistlines still end up expanding. About 1/3 of population in the US is now officially obese and 2/3 is said to be overweight. For the past 30 years, obesity among adults has double, with childhood rotundity tripling in number. Indeed, it is shocking to learn all the negative effects that people’s growing sizes have on their collective health.

Hard and Cold Facts

Obesity is said to be the primary cause of preventable death in the US that it put it right ahead of drunk driving and smoking. This is also mainly responsible for rapid increase of some chronic diseases such as stroke, type 2 diabetes and heart disease. It takes toll on your body that can shorten life expectancy for as much as 8 years, based on the latest study.

Obesity Surgery

What’s the Solution?

Many dieters ended up regaining their lost weight. Most obese and overweight people try dozens of diets way before they throw in the proverbial towel. They spend money and time in the hopes that things are going to change but this rarely happens. That is because diets will work only if you are on them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. Once you go off them, chances are your waistline will return to its former straight. Obesity surgery is proven to be a great way to win your fight against bulge once and for all.

How Obesity Surgery Works

Among the reasons why obese people eat more than an average person is because their stomachs are more capacious. Bariatric or obesity surgery can address this problem through decreasing the organ’s size that makes it hard for patients to comfortably eat large amounts of food. Whether a piece is surgically removed or a gastric band restricts the stomach, patient is going to be physically incapable to overeat.

Is It Effective?

Almost all who went through obesity surgery lose some weight during the initial 18 to 24 months. After this time frame, most patients regain a few pounds they lost yet there are some who regained it all. Also, the surgery is proven to be extremely effective when it comes to the treatment of weight related and chronic conditions like type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure.

Considered as more effective compared to non-surgical options, obesity surgery offers permanent solution to your weight problems.

The Benefits of Getting Quality Weight Loss Surgery in India

Obesity is one of the leading causes of various medical conditions. As a solution, many people seek for professional assistance from an obesity surgery doctor to shed extra pounds through a procedure popularly known as weight loss surgery. Today, there are numerous types of weight loss surgery and have been a famous option for those who want to get fast results when losing weight.

There are numerous options available for treating obesity. Medical treatment options can include exercise and diet programs, behavioural therapy or medications. Unluckily, in a severely obese patient, such methods frequently don’t provide lasting or significant weight loss. A lot of studies have demonstrated that surgery offers the most effective and best treatment for severe obesity. Once you have undergone a weight loss surgery in India successfully, you will enjoy the following:

  • Resolve or Improve Most Weight-Related Medical Issues

Weight loss surgery in India can resolve or improve tons of weight related medical problems including high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, reflux, sleep apnea, arthritis, heart disease, and some types of cancers.

  • Provide Both Sustained and Significant Weight Loss

Majority of patients lose over fifty percent of their excess weight within the first or two years after surgery. In fact, some of them can maintain the results for long term.

  • Increase One’s Life Expectancy

Obesity increases the risks of premature death as well as health complexities, which significantly reduce that risk and add years to the lives of the patients.

Weight Loss Surgery in India

  • Enhance One’s Quality of Life

Weight loss through a surgery can reduce joint pain and boost mobility and help the patients be more productive and active. Successful weight loss surgery can also help boost confidence and self-image.

  • Decrease the Costs of Health Care

Weight loss surgery India can help you enjoy savings through enhancing weight-related medical issues and reducing the costs that are associated with treating such issues including hospitalization or medication costs. As a matter of fact, weight loss surgery has proven to decrease the costs of health after years and many people are enjoying such perks.

How to Find an Obesity Surgery Doctor?

Once you have decided to undergo weight loss surgery, the next most important factor to consider is finding an obesity surgery doctor who will perform the procedure. You have to bear in mind that not all surgeons that do this kind of surgery are trustworthy and some might be concentrating on a particular type of weight loss surgery that you’re not suitable with. Therefore, it is always best to do your own research and find the best one who is known for performing quality weight loss surgery.

Obesity Surgery Doctor

After choosing an obesity surgery doctor, look for a hospital or a clinic that offers the procedure. If you don’t want to waste time finding a hospital for your surgery, it would be best to pick a surgeon who has his or her own clinic or facility where he or she usually perform the process of surgery.