Diabetes Treatment in Kolkata – Which Is Effective for You?

Diabetes is an illness or disease, which is the result of your body not producing the right amount of insulin. Insulin is a hormone that’s produced by the body that helps in turning sugars into energy. The diabetes symptoms are increased urination, increased thirst, weight loss, constant hunger, blurred vision, fatigue, and irritability.

Before you start treatment for any illness or disease, you must see your physician so that you can be sure you’re treating the correct illness. There are also other tests that your physician will to make a diagnosis of diabetes.

Types of Diabetes Treatment

There are different types of diabetes treatments such as surgery, insulin treatments, medicines, lifestyle changes, and alternative treatments. The most vital diabetes treatment Kolkata will be changes in your lifestyle like exercising and eating healthy. Changes in your lifestyle should be compatible with some diabetes treatments to get most of the benefit from the treatments.

If your physician recommends medications for diabetes treatment Kolkata, you must discuss with her or him the possible side effects of the medications and possible interactions with some medications you might be taking. Tons of people pick not to take the risks that are involved with several medications and select to consider other alternative treatments. You must also discuss your choices with your doctor and make a diabetes treatment that works for you.

  • Medicines

Several types of medications are used to treat diabetes and these are:

  • Meglitinides
  • Medicines used for reducing the amount of carbs
  • DPP-IV inhibitors
  • Medicines that are used for decreasing the glucose amount the liver produces
  • Natural Treatments

Numerous individuals pick to avoid the risks that are associated with medications. There are natural diabetes treatments. You must discuss with your doctor so you can choose a natural diabetes treatment that’s right for you. Some of the natural treatments for diabetes are zinc, aloe vera gel, magnesium, ginseng, cinnamon, and chromium.

Diabetes Treatment Kolkata

Important Aspects to Remember about Diabetes Treatment

The most vital aspect of diabetes treatment, whether you consider treating diabetes with medications or you choose to treat diabetes naturally is a healthy exercise and diet. Starting a healthy diet can help you get rid of illness or diseases that are associated with your digestive system, overall performance, and immune system.

While several diseases are hereditary and a simple diet might not prevent them, a healthy diet could delay the disease’s onset. You must start at an early age to eat diets that include fresh vegetables and fruits, omega-3 fatty acids, and fiber. Eating healthy balanced meals regularly can offer you numerous health benefits.

However, if your case of diabetes is severe, it would be best to seek for your doctor’s advice for the right diabetes treatment Kolkata as not all treatments are the same. In fact, some treatments that are suitable for others might not work effectively for you. So, make sure to consult your doctor and follow their recommendations to alleviate what you are experiencing because of diabetes.

An Insight into Childhood Obesity Surgery in India

Childhood Obesity is an untouched issue in India. The term ‘Childhood Obesity’ defines a status of a child who is obese and is likely to be affected by health crisis which accompanies obesity. As per statistics, the rate of Childhood Obesity has tripled in the last three decades. The scenario is alarming for sure and needs the foremost attention of the parents.

Obesity Surgery in India

It has often been witnessed that parents forget the hazards of over feeding their children. The traditional mind believes that the children should not feel hungry at any point of time. Hence, before the previously consumed food is completely digested, the parents tend to feed their child once more. This accelerates the process of fat accumulation in the body and creates a perfect condition for obesity to develop in children.

According to researchers, about 50% of children who are obese in their childhood will grow up with the disorder. In other words, an obese child will grow up to be an obese man. The person will fall into the obesity trap and find it difficult to break the barriers of the disorder. This is where the scope of Childhood Obesity Surgery in India comes in.

Obesity Surgery in India

Childhood Obesity Surgery in India is a revolution that helps children to fight against Obesity and be fit for the rest of the life. During this medical treatment, a child is required to undergo a painless laparoscopic surgery, whereby the necessary adjustments are made. Apart from being painless, the surgery is also scarless and takes lesser recovery period. Instead of making a big cut during the surgery, small incisions are made in the patient’s body which makes the recovery extremely fast and the child faces almost negligible amount of pain. It is only a matter of 1-2 weeks before which the child can resume to his routine activities. However, the right diet and fitness has to be taken into account.