The 3-Step guide to Obesity Surgery in India

Development in India has been taking place at a rapid pace and so is the rate of obesity. As per statistics, the rate of Obesity among Indians has tripled in the last three decades. The situation does appear alarming when one thinks about the probable outcome in future. However, there is one thing that can make a difference for patients who are obese- Obesity Surgery in India.

When it comes to the term ‘Surgery’ people often get scared by the name and think that something may go horribly wrong with them. Nevertheless, science and technology has helped the surgeons to develop an extremely safe procedure of surgery which is painless as well as scarless. As a patient, one can easily walk into an Obesity Clinic and learn about the various possibilities to lose weight with/ without Obesity Surgery.

To make things easier for the patients, here is a 3-step guide for them-

Step 1- Enquire

The first thing that a patient needs to do is enquiry about his/ her present health condition. A person is said to be obese, if the Body-Mas Index (BMI) exceeds 24.9. Visiting a weight loss consultant will give them the right idea about their BMI and based on the outcome, they can opt for Obesity Surgery in India.

Obesity Surgery in India

Step 2- Learn & Enquire

The second step in the process is to learn about the exact state of affairs. As a patient, if your BMI is just above 25, then you need not go for a weight loss surgery, but if the case is extreme (say, a BMI of 30 or above), the surgeons usually recommend you to undergo a Bariatric Surgery.

First learn about your body’s current situation and then proceed with the solution. As a patient, it is necessary to learn about the available options for weight loss.

Step 3- Follow up

An integral part of Obesity Treatment in India is following up with the surgeon and maintaining a healthy communication channel. Weight loss is possible only when the surgeon and the patient are on the same terms. If a surgeon has asked you to stop eating cheese, then you must follow his guidelines. Similarly, if a patient feels that there the weight loss plan is not working, the same should be informed to the weight loss consultant at the earliest.

Obesity Surgery in India

Following the above mentioned guide is an easy measure to overcome obesity and regain fitness. If you have any questions related to obesity/ weight loss/ bariatric surgery, do feel to write us at

Laparoscopic Obesity Surgery in India- A Game Changer!

The problem of Obesity among the people of India has skyrocketed ever since fast food industry started its aggressive campaigning in India. As a result of fast food consumption, the chances of acquiring obesity among Indians have increased by almost by 80%. Under such circumstance, the aid of Laparoscopic Obesity Surgery has come as a boon.

What is Laparoscopic Obesity Surgery?

The term Laparoscopic Obesity Surgery defines a medical procedure where a patient is operated with the aid of a camera and medical equipment. The process emits no pain and supports faster recovery along with offering accurate results. In 1990, the first glimpse of Laparoscopic Surgery was seen in India through the contribution of Prof. TE Udwadia and since then, the realm of surgery has taken a dramatic change.

Laparoscopic Obesity Surgery

Am I Eligible for Laparoscopic Obesity Surgery?

Laparoscopic Obesity Surgery is done on patients whose BMI is greater than 24.9. If your BMI is greater than the aforesaid, then you are eligible for this surgery. However, it is not mandatory for patients to undergo a weight loss surgery for the purpose of regaining fitness. It is only upon the consultation of a good obesity surgeon that a person was required to undergo this medical procedure. Many a time, people have made a remarkable recovery by following the natural remedies to overcome obesity.


The Plan of Action for Laparoscopic Obesity Surgery

A good weight loss program will always have a plan of action. It is this area that makes a difference for the patients. The plan of action for weight loss usually depends on three stages- Pre-surgery Preparation, Preparation during Surgery and Post-Surgery Follow up.

Pre-Surgery Preparation– A patient needs to take pre-surgery preparation before going for the surgery. During this period, his/her objective should be to strengthen the body and make it adaptive to changes. Exercise, clean diet and motivation matters here.

Preparation during surgery– Just days before the surgery, the surgeon will guide the patient on what needs to be consumed and in what quantities. Factors such as being on a liquid diet, having ideal blood pressure, etc., matter here.

Post-surgery follow-up– This is one of the most important phases of weight loss campaign. Here the patient needs to inculcate good habits that he/ she has acquired during this phase. Regular exercise, maintaining a healthy diet, etc., should become a routine affair with him/ her.

Looking for an Obesity Surgery Doctor? Here is all that you need to know!

Over the years, obesity has increased at a rapid pace in India. With the introduction of fast food the number of people under the category of obese has skyrocketed. Witnessing the serious health hazards of Obesity, the people of India are looking forward to finding an encompassing health solution to this disorder. Thought activities like exercise and diet control are common measures that people follow to stay fit, it is the opinion of the Obesity Surgery Doctor that matters the most.

Where can I find a good Obesity Surgery Doctor?

India is one of the most medically advanced countries in the world. The medical sector has been booming over the past years and so is the involvement of Obesity Surgery Doctors. There are numerous health care units across cities like Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi, etc., where dedicated institutes help people to fight obesity.

Obesity Surgery Doctor


A patient can easily find a reliable Obesity Surgery Doctor by following a three-step check. In the first step, the requirement would be to check the market reputation of the doctor. Sources such as online reviews, reference from family members/ friends, etc., will come handy. In the second place, the time and availability of the doctor matters. As a patient, the person should check the time of availability of the doctor and plan his/ her appointment accordingly. And thirdly, the experience of the doctor should come as the final consideration.

Fat loss Surgery in India has recently undergone a transformation where surgery has become minimally invasive and the results are accurate than ever. Laparoscopic Obesity Surgery has become the prime choice of patients as well as the Obesity Surgery Doctor. Nonetheless, a patient needs to follow up the same with a healthy diet and control over consumption of food that leads to obesity. However, do not forget to check your BMI at regular intervals.