Exercise or Diet – What’s Important after Weight Loss Surgery

You often hear that dieting and exercising are the two factors that reduce fats after weight loss surgery. The two factors go hand-in-hand, but most of the obese patients lay more emphasis on any one of them. Hence, they often wonder whether exercising or dieting is more fruitful in the long run.

In recent years, bariatric surgery consultants often state that the fastest way to lose weight after weight loss surgery is by cutting calories. Some doctors and experts take the initiative and announce that a healthy lifestyle is not attained entirely by your diet preferences; but your physical activities. Millions of obese take notice of this statement and believe that exercising is enough. As the result, they put an end to calorie counting and pig out.

Why workout is not enough?

While many people run after exercising only, health experts preach that diet is also an equally important factor in losing weight after weight loss surgery. When you choose to eat without counting calories and assume that working out will be enough, you often overlook that calorie-consumption-control is easier than burning calories in a gym.


Relying only on exercising is a risky choice, because you would end up gaining weight if you skip a day or burn lesser calories than consumed. Moreover, if you consume high level of calories, you would have to spend hours working out in the gym. Hence, exercising only is not an effective option.

So how about dieting only?

Well, if you are thinking that dieting would help you lose weight, you might be partially correct. But if you fail to consume proper meals on time, it would gradually make you weak. Hence, after some days or weeks, you will start consuming some foods that are not recommended by bariatric surgery consultants in your diet plan. Hence, this too isn’t a complete solution.

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What should I do?

Just like life, weight loss is merely about the balance between several imperative things. In simpler words, you have to maintain a proper balance between exercising and dieting to achieve better quality of life in the long run. To sum it up, you should count on your calories while consuming a proper meal and burn excess fats by exercising routinely.

The Increasing Need for Obesity Surgery in India

The number of obese in our country has increased in the recent years at an alarming rate. As obesity is nothing that has to do with environmental changes, the fact that it occurs from within our body is unquestionable. But, why is the need for obesity surgery in India increasing drastically when it is a controllable health problem? Different people might come up with unique answers, but a genuine answer by a certified weight loss consultant says that it is the result of our changing lifestyle.

You must be wondering how lifestyle changes could trigger obesity when our standard of living has improved over the years. Well, the answer is simple – the comfort-oriented lifestyle has increased the need for fat loss surgery in India. If you don’t believe, here is an explanation how our lifestyle shift has exposes us to obesity.

The Technology-Effect

Gone are the days when most of the people were indulged in lots of physical activities. In our modern days, technological advancements have trapped us by using comfort as the bait. From corporate life to entertainment sources, there has been a major shift from manual practices to user-oriented technology.


Nowadays, most of the jobs are tech-related where people develop, extract or analyze data by using a modern technology. The sedentary, office lifestyle doesn’t influence us to perform much physical activities; craving way for obesity.

Apart from the adults, kids have also been affected drastically by technology. No more do the children love to play outdoor games, as their attention is drawn by comfort-oriented virtual games. Hence, the lack of physical activities caused by over-attachment to technology results in obesity and increases the need for obesity surgery in India.

The Dietary Changes

The diet preferences of people have changed substantially in the recent decades. Numerous food hubs have established that offer foodstuff that have high calorie ingredients. Moreover, people prefer pizza and cheesy items over traditional chapatti and fruits. Hence, the drastic shift in diet preference has rung the alarm bells for weight loss.


Presently, numerous people opt for fat loss surgery in India to lose weight and regain fitness. Health experts recommend the obese patients as well as every individual to perform exercises and follow a balanced diet plan routinely to avoid the obesity-trap. This would reduce the need for obesity surgery in India.

Does Fat Reduction Surgery in India Improve Testosterone Level?

Over the years, bariatric surgery has cured many secondary problems other than obesity in obese men. After Type II Diabetes and depression, a recent study has found that fat reduction surgery in India can improve testosterone levels too. Testosterone levels in men are affected by obesity and excess weight; hence, obesity treatment in India acts as a catalyst to increase testosterone levels.

Fat Reduction Surgery in India

Sleeve Gastrectomy, the gold standard weight loss surgery of the present era, is the recommended bariatric surgery that helps in improving the testosterone levels in your body. This surgery reduces your stomach capacity by 25% as the procedure involves surgical removal of a large portion of stomach.

In a recent study and research by bariatric surgeons, it was found that male obese patients who had low testosterone levels before the surgery experienced a significant increase upon the surgery. In fact, 22 patients reported measurable increase within a twelve month period following the surgery.


Obese men that have low testosterone levels face high risk of Sarcopenia; wherein the ageing procedure is triggered through loss of muscles. Apart from this, they also face sexual problems because low testosterone is directly proportional to poor quality of sex life. With such importance for proper testosterone levels in men, fat loss surgery in India is a sought-after solution for obese men.

Though the idea of obesity treatment in India to increase the testosterone levels of men is being appreciated by millions of people, some health experts are not impressed with it. The primary reason for their dissatisfaction is that the treatment is only suitable for obese men; and not for every person having low testosterone levels.

However, one cannot deny the fact that this surgery is the best option for obese men who want to lose weight, improve testosterone and reduce cardiac risks. At present, anybody with a BMI of more than 40 or 35 along with another medical crisis, can go for obesity treatment in India.

5 Benefits of Bariatric Surgery Other than Weight Loss

If you have a BMI of more than 35, you have probably been advised to go for bariatric surgery. The surgery triggers weight loss efficiently, due to which it is the most recommended obesity treatment as per weight loss consultants. With the main objective being weight loss through restriction in food consumption, this surgery offers several health benefits apart from weight loss.


The benefits of bariatric surgery is attained effectively when you maintain its effects for more than five years upon the surgery. Though many patients fail to achieve this feet, but the ones that succeed enjoy a healthier future. This is because the surgery has many additional benefits; which have been discussed here.

  • Type II Diabetes Remission: While Type II Diabetes is a serious health crisis at present, weight loss consultants state that weight reduction surgery is an effective aid. As a matter of fact, it helps obese to prevent the need for insulin and medicines for more than three years. Hence, Type II Diabetes, which is often considered to be a problem that is difficult to control is well-controlled through obesity surgery.
  • Better Cardiovascular Health: Obese and diabetic patients have high risks of peripheral and coronary heart problems. This surgery controls cholesterol and blood pressure to improve your cardiovascular health.
  • Improved Fertility: Fertility and sexual disorders are a common problem in obese patients. Many people are not satisfied with their obese partners as the latter’s body and health conditions do not meet their expectations. Weight reduction surgery improves fertility and supports you during the birth-bearing period.
  • Depression relief: Obese patients have poor self-image as they cannot participate or perform well in physical activities. Also, they are often bullied by other peoples. As the result, they feel isolated and depressed. As surgery removes excess fats from their body, they gain self-confidence and get rid of depression.


  • Lesser Joint Pain: Due to excess body weight, you may have pain in joints. Bariatric surgery reduces the burden and pressure on your joints by cutting down your weight.

In recent years, the modern surgical approach has been widely accepted due to its efficiency and benefits. Currently, tons of people go for the surgical solution to weight loss and enjoy various health benefits in the long run.