Overcoming the fear of Weight Loss Surgery

The term ‘Weight Loss Surgery often strikes a fear among patients who are suffering from obesity. Drawing an inference from the opinion of patients who have undergone an unsuccessful weight loss program, trusting rumours and offering preference to cheaper solutions adds to some of the most common causes for people to avoid this surgery. However, when it comes to making a rational decision based on facts and figures, one would realize that weight loss through surgery is more of a boon than a risky operation.

Modern day Weight Loss Solution

With the advancement of science, surgeons nowadays focus upon laparoscopic surgery. This kind of surgery is less-invasive and more accurate as the whole operations is executed with the help of a camera. As a patient, you are only required to spend 2-3 days in the hospital before being declared for for discharge. Overall, within a matter of weeks you will be fit to resume your routine life.


Weight Loss surgery is not a Gimmick

Now most of the people would be thinking that Laparoscopy Surgery is a part of a gimmick which most of the institutes put up to attract the patients. However, it is a true fact that people are fit to resume to their routine life within a matter of weeks. This happens because of the minimal invasion which heals quickly and takes less time in recovery. As compared to open surgery, there is no need to make a big incision in the patient’s body and then leave behind an ugly scar. Rather, with the aid of certain small holes, the whole surgery is performed with utmost precision and accuracy.

For a nation like India, obesity is a serious concern as we are third-most obese nation of the world. The boon bariatric surgery is here to save the life of thousands and help them to overcome the persisting concern of being overweight.

Busting Myths about Weight Reduction Surgery

The term ‘weight reduction surgery’ has been a misinformed nomenclature for most of the common men. People nowadays think that the aforesaid term is a kind of miracle which makes a dramatic difference in a person within a matter of hours. Yes, advertisements do play a big role in misleading people, but precision and diligence are the perspectives which one has to look into before falling into this trap.

ILS Bariatric Surgery

With the passage of time, there are various myths which people have started to believe in. Here are some of the most common myths which one needs to distinguish from the actual facts.

Myth 1– Weight Loss Surgery is not a one day program

The human body is not designed to adapt sudden changes. A loss of 10 kilograms within a day can be fatal to a patient. The whole procedure of weight loss has to be planned and pre-surgery and post-surgery precautions are implied. One has to take precautions in the form of maintaining a liquid diet, exercising regularly, etc., before the actual surgery takes place. Similarly, after the surgery the guidelines of the surgeon need to be followed.

Myth 2– Obesity Surgery leaves behind scars

Many of your friends, relatives or colleagues would have told you that obesity surgery leaves behind a hideous scar. However, with the availability of modern day tools, laparoscopy surgery helps you to get scar-less surgery. The whole surgery is executed with the help of small incisions and the procedure is said to be more accurate than other primitive methods.

Myth 3– Weight Reduction Surgery is not always successful

People often feel that it was a waste of time, money and effort to undergo a weight reduction surgery as they have failed to achieve desired results. However, when it comes to a reality check, one can clearly find there were lack of communication between the surgeon and the patient along with failure to comply with the listed precautions.

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One has to acknowledge the fact that weight loss is a matter of teamwork. A patient has to contribute equally to the challenge as the surgeon himself and with the right balance weight loss becomes an easy objective to achieve.

Trust Weight Loss Surgery, not gimmicks!

Weight Loss Surgery in India is gaining healthy development as people are starting to show their confidence in this boon of medical science. However, there are certain factors which continue to discomfort the audience. One of the biggest turn down for an audience is ‘gimmicks’. The intent of these gimmicks is to induce the public with unrealistic claims.

You may have come across numerous weight loss banners on the roads, in the malls and clinics which claim that people can lose upto 10 kgs within a month with some miraculous treatment. Nevertheless, when you opt for the same treatment, you hardly get to see a noticeable difference, but you do lose some of their wallet’s weight for sure. This is where precision becomes indispensable.

Laparoscopic Surgery

For every patient, it is important to understand the process of weight loss rather than straight away agreeing with what the consultant is asking the patient to do. For an instance, when a person has a BMI close to 40, then he should acknowledge the fact that weight loss surgery will offer him the best remedy. Again, banners will continue to distract and deceive you by showing flashy offers and images, but your determination should be to lose weight with lesser complications.

The industry of Bariatric Surgery in India is based around dedicated institutes who put in a lot of efforts in research and developments to give people a safe and pain-free form of medical care through laparoscopy surgery. As a patient of obesity, the foremost requirement is to have patience as the human body is adaptive towards frequent changes. Obesity Surgery Consultants have a big role to play in your development and they will definitely guide you through the complete program. What they expect from you in return is a little time and obligating the guidelines before and after surgery.

Useful Insights into Weight Reduction Surgery

The 21st century has seen many changes across the globe. Some of these changes were positive, others were useless and unnecessary and few were outrageous. There is also a fourth category; the dangerous new trends brought in. Obesity or excess weight is one of them. As a result of the lack of proper exercise or any exercise, fast food and unhealthy food items taking over healthy eating and ever increasing stress and pressure has not only resulted in an alarming rise in obese people, but is also related to mortality due to obesity related diseases.

While a mild increase in weight can be controlled by traditional weight reduction methods such as medication therapy, exercise therapy or diet therapy, for severely obese patients, the best option is weight reduction surgery. All patients who have a BMI (Body Mass Index) of 40 or more are eligible for weight reduction surgery. Also, patients having a BMI around 35 but associated with co-morbid disease such as high-cholesterol, type-2 diabetes, heart ailments, sleep apnoea or arthritis are also eligible as in most of these diseases, opting for traditional weight reduction methods are not helpful.

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In general, weight reduction surgery is opted only after the patient has unsuccessfully tried all other weight reduction methods. However, with better and more informative information among general mass, individuals are now realizing the positive effects of weight reduction surgery and as a result, the number of weight reduction surgeries had risen over the years. Also, weight reduction surgery is extremely safe and effective, the results and quick and long-term and there are minimal side effects. Some of the most common weight reduction surgeries include gastric-bypass, gastric-banding, duodenal-switch and gastric-sleeve surgeries.

Fat loss surgery in India has also seen a rise in India over the years. The major reasons attributing to this increased number of patients opting for fat loss surgery are the affordability. The overall cost of fat loss surgery in India is much cheaper compared to its foreign counterparts such as UK, USA, Canada, etc. As a result, premium Indian hospitals are now catering international patients too, apart from catering local patients. Also, there has been regular enhancement in hospital and healthcare facilities across Indian hospitals, inviting more and more patients to opt for weight reduction surgery.