3 Shocking Myths about Weight Reducing Surgery

With the progress of medical science, people have now started trusting procedures such as a surgery. Presence of advanced technology and experienced doctors makes it feasible for the patients to undergo a surgery and eradicate their persisting trouble. However, there are still a few people in India who are finding it hard to believe that medical science can actually do miracles. This is mainly because of the myths which they believe in.

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Some of the most common myths are listed below:

1)    It is not safe: The most common myth about Weight Reduction Surgery is that some people consider it to be unsafe. But the truth is, modern day medical practice is based on perfection and hygiene. Undergoing a surgery is absolutely safe nowadays as the professionals are widely experienced and the success rate of surgeries is close to perfect.

2)    Spending a week in a hospital: Some people still believe that surgery means a week’s stay in the hospital. But, with the introduction of laparoscopic surgery it is only a matter of hours before the patient is declared fit for discharge. There are instances where patients have been discharged within 48 to 72 hours of their operation.

3)    There are better ways: It is absolutely foolish to consider that there are better ways to overcome obesity. Weight loss consultants do support exercise and healthy diet, but if a body’s BMI is above 30, then it is time to undergo a weight loss surgery.

The boon of medical science has saved mankind from numerous diseases and disorders. With continuous research and development there will be superior technology in the days to come.

3 Alternates to Weight Loss Surgery- 2015

Weight Loss Surgery is definitely the best way to get rid of extra fats in your body. The ability of medical science to use advanced tools in eradicating obesity is simply remarkable. However, there are numerous alternatives which a person can go for provided his obesity is in early stage.

For determining the stage of obesity, one has to measure his BMI and compare the results with the prescribed guidelines. If the BMI is in between 17 to 24, then the health of a person is ideal. BMI above 24 is considered to be obese. People whose BMI falls under 30 can adopt alternatives, but if the BMI exceeds 30, then the best option is to go for a weight loss surgery.

weight loss surgery

Here are the 3 alternatives-

Exercise– A natural way to get rid of excess fat content in the body is to burn them via exercises. Routine workout and jogging are considered best for burning fat naturally. During this process, you burn a lot of calories and reduce the fat content in your body.

Balanced Diet– The secret to maintaining a healthy body is a healthy diet. Applying a filter to the type of food that you consume allows you to segregate fats from proteins and vitamins. Feel free to absorb protein and vitamins through vegetables and chicken breasts, but do not allow fats to trespass through pizzas and burgers. When you fat supply is cut down, you start burning the existing calories in your body.

Meditation & Yoga– A healthy mind will always promote a healthy body. Meditating and practicing yoga on a regular basis gives the body a complete rejuvenation and keeps it aloof from the clutches of obesity.

For people are looking forward to lose fat quickly Fat loss surgery in India is the best option.

Obesity Surgery- A Doorway to Exit Obesity

For a country like India, obesity is a common problem these days. Going by the statistics, 5% of India’s population are under obesity and with every single month, this percentage is increasing in fractions. Most of the people who have realized the danger of this disorder are either trying to eliminate fast food consumption or are working out in the gym to get back into shape. However, it is sad to know that irrespective of these precautions, most of the people are struggling to fight back against obesity and are falling deeper into obesity.

Obesity Surgery

With the blessing of medical science, obesity surgery has come up as an effective tool to eradicate the problem of excessive fat content in the body. Today, about 60% of obese patients prefer undergoing this surgery due to its advanced procedure and high success rate. As a patient, if you are getting admitted for a weight loss surgery, then all you require is a week’s time. Additionally, people spend only 48 to 72 hours in the hospital before they are fit for discharge.

How to determine the eligibility for obesity surgery?

There is no fixed eligibility apart from the fact that you are obese. Weight loss consultants usually check the BMI of a patient’s body and then determine the level of fat content in the body. If the BMI is above 24, then a person is considered as obese. However, it is not mandatory for patients to go for an obesity surgery unless the BMI exceeds 40.

3 Basic Preparations for Fat Reduction Surgery in India- 2015

Fat reduction surgery is an innovative tool which allows a person to lose excess fat in the body within a matter of days. Usually, obese patients go for laparoscopic surgery as it is executed with minimum invasion and offers long term results. However, before the fat Reduction Surgery in India takes place, patients are required to take various precautions.

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Some of the basic ones are listed below:
  • Be on a liquid diet: The foremost requirement for a patient is to go on a liquid diet. Liquid diet allows a patient to develop his body as required for the surgery. Accumulation of fat has to be stopped and the body is required to be nourished with necessary vitamins and protein.
  • Exercise: Even though you are going for a weight reducing surgery, it is important for you to exercise. Exercising will allow your body to build up stamina and eliminate the existing fat content at the same time. Regular exercising will make it easier for you to get back in shape quickly.
  • Be relaxed: At the time of surgery there should be no hint of discomfort on your face. It is your duty to be confident and deal with the situation, after all, you are bidding farewell to your extra inches.

Fat Reduction Surgery in India has gained a lot of attention recently, mainly because of its widespread success and quick results. Every day there are numerous people who undergo this surgery and make a difference in their life. So, when you are bringing this change in yourself?

2015 is your ideal time to get Obesity Surgery

The rapid pace at which medical science has developed in the past few decades has amazed everyone. Today, people have started believing in the miracle of science and are confident of undergoing complex procedures such as a surgery. According to statistics, in India there are approximately 500 obesity surgeries each day and the figure continues to rise as people are showing confidence in advanced science.

Nowadays obesity is a common disorder in India. According to World Health Reports, about 5% of India’s population are suffering from obesity. This is the third highest figure for any country after the US and China. However, when it comes to handling obesity, people in India can now undergo obesity surgery and get rid of some extra fats within a matter of days.

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The year 2015 is perfect for any obese patient to get rid of some extra pounds. This is mainly because:
  • Availability of Laparoscopic Obesity Surgery

With the introduction of Laparoscopic surgery, it has become easier for the patients to recover quickly and get long term benefits. Gone are the days where a big incision was made in the patient’s body. Today only 2-3 small incisions are enough to operate. This also helps in quick recovery of the patient.

  • Nominal cost of surgery

Initially, when laparoscopic surgery was introduced, people had to pay a lot of money. But with modern day expansion programs, these surgeries have become cheaper and come with better results. There is no threat to the patient and the patient is ready to go home within 48 to 72 hours of operation.

  • Why wait, if you can get it now?

The bottom line is if you have a solution to your problem, then why not use it? Nobody likes to move around with a huge stomach, therefore, if you are given the opportunity to eliminate the excess fat content from your body then you should do it immediately.

So, are you ready to make a difference in 2015? Live healthy and stay fit! For any consultation on obesity and weight loss contact Bariatric Care India.

Understanding Morbid Obesity- 2015

There was a time when obesity was common for only developed countries. With time, this disorder has also found its way into the developing and under developed nations. Going by statistics, the rate of obesity around the world has doubled within a span of last 30 years. However, not every person suffering from obesity is in danger.

The World Health Organization has published guidelines to measure obesity. BMI or the Body Mass Index is a benchmark that tells us whether a person is obese or not. If a person’s BMI is in between 17-24, then he is considered as fit. BMI which is greater than 25 is considered as obesity. Sometimes, there may be a situation where a person has a BMI of 30 or above. Under such situation the person is said to be excessively obese. Obesity Surgery Consultants usually term this situation as morbid obesity.

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Morbid Obesity is an alarming situation for patients and experts do believe that surgery is the best option to overcome this situation. During this phase, a patient is overweight by almost 50 kgs along with a condition that suggests that the body has excessive fat (almost 50% to 100%) in comparison to the ideal body weight. Some of the greatest risks which are involved with morbid obesity are heart disease, diabetes, depression, high blood pressure, digestive disorder and even cancer.

Weight Reduction Surgery is an innovative tool for any person who is suffering from morbid obesity as it can reduce the level of danger which is involved with excessive weight. The consequences of being overweight are many and hence, as a patient one should prioritize health.